Company History

Prior to the inception of a first-rate operation offering unique and meticulous full-service renovations in Roker Construction in 2010, the company’s earlier days reflected a slightly different ‘modus operandi’ under the name of Roker Realty starting in 2006.

During the company’s formative stages, Roker Realty primarily focused on personal renovation projects which would then be resold as improved properties. It was during this time that Roker Realty truly honed its expertise leading to an organic and seamless transition into an all-encompassing renovation company in Roker Construction.

Roker Construction prides itself on a unique attention to detail, deeply rooted in the company’s commitment to each and every undertaken project. Our skilful and highly professional specialists deliberately approach each venture with an utmost devotion to high-quality work driven by a guaranteed pledge to the client’s unique needs. Although Roker Construction currently does significant business volume, Roker Realty continues to fully operate, and as it has done since day 1, answer your every question and guide your along every step of the way.

The tight-knit Roker team of esteemed professionals promises to take care of each of your contracting needs; climbing from the blue print all the way up to the cleaning process, and everything in between.

A Roker product is always a quality product.

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